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If you’d like to own the coin operated equipment, our sales department will be happy to assist you with the right choice of equipment for your particular laundry facility. Coin Laundry Plus sells only the finest washers and dryers on the market to our customers. And before we install them, we GIVE THEM A COMPLETE MAKE OVER to make them even better. Quality is our policy. When you choose equipment for your laundry room, you want to make sure it's rugged, low maintenance and easy to operate – that's the best way to minimize down time and maximize laundry room income. For more than 15 years Coin Laundry Plus has been selling great refurbished equipment for less. You will not find any price any lower than what we sell our quality dependable machines at!!!

We also sell brand new washers and dryers. Call for a quote!


If you already own coin operated laundry equipment,Coin Laundry Plus Maintenance and Repair department is committed to making sure the equipment in your laundry room is up and running. Got a problem? You can count on Coin Laundry Plus to fix it. We fix most of the well known brand dryers and top loading washers, such as GE, Whirlpool, Roper, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Kenmore.

We understand that if a machine is out of service, it's not capable of making money for anyone. Worse, it's negatively affecting your residents' perception of the facility. That's why we've made service the cornerstone of our business. “Fast quality service!!!” – is a motto of Coin Laundry Plus . Our timely service solves laundry room problems quickly. 

Every truck equipped with all necessary parts is only a phone call away. Each service technician has the tools, spare parts, and pro training to repair the equipment on the spot. And do it right...the first time. We promise to continually strive to improve our level of performance by exceeding our customer's service expectations.

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